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Parallel Lines

Deconstructing Kiz

This intensive program is designed for a small group of dancers who are dedicated to mastering styles under the Kizomba umbrella. Due to the emphasis on quality and technique, there will be few combinations taught; in its place, students will be taken through various drills, exercises, and props to help understand the mechanics needed to dance and create movement in Kizomba.

You can choose from two focus groups: Kizomba/Semba and Urban Kiz. The program will be held every Wednesday for 8 weeks, starting July 5th.  

Join a Focus Group

There are two focus groups available in the Deconstructing Kiz program. Students can register to join one of the following defined below.


Membership in one focus costs $70/month.

If you are interested in both groups, the total cost will be $125/month.

Focus Group

Please complete the form to sign up for a spot in the Deconstructing Kiz program.

Note that signing up does not guarantee a spot in the program. Applications will no longer by accepted after Friday, July 7th.


Thanks for submitting!

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